Blend of old crafts & new technologies. Ethical products and systems for the future.





To design a range of homewares that celebrates ideas and principles associated with product provenance, with 3-5 products in the range.




Clients want products that are attractive to customers, obviously, but also that promote their brand. It is easy for all the work that is done in the design and manufacturing systems to be invisible, at a loss to businesses and people.

Users want products that reflect their personal image but also increasingly, products that are ethical products that are friction free in identifying that. They want to be able to trust a brand, especially with the choice of visibility of the business actions.



My research showed that most people are conscious of smells in the home, especially as something that reflects on them.


Though not many consumers consciously considered the composition of the scents they used (i.e.. chemical or nat­ural), most were willing to pay extra for good quality ‘‘natural’’ scent, which was seen as a ‘‘treat’’ purchase, but due to the frequency of use, price was a factor in choice.


How those scents were dis­persed in the house varied from incense to aerosols.


Most agreed that scents linked to memories and emotions.



On foot canvassing of businesses & individuals

Questionnaire of over 30 individuals

On-line data collection & analytics





  • Designing a system around a product enabled better interaction with the product range and its ethos of thinking global, supporting local.
  • Complimented by technology to support customers with better and increased use of the products, resulting in value for money and reduced product disposability.
  • Brings together and supports smaller businesses to compete at a fairer commercial level, with access to greater shared resources, while preserving identities and their enriching values.
  • Creating a system that supports, while enabling longevity of the crafts involved.
  • An easy promotion and marketing platform for all businesses involved in the Origins product range.
  • Reduction of travel for materials and skills.
  • A product range that works at an individual product level, but also complements each other.
  • Attractive products, that meet customer needs, giving it a high price point in comparison to comparable products.
  • Big wins on reduction of waste in production and re-use of waste.
  • A product that enables action for social change, by re-investing of profits into shared resources for the businesses involved, and through the re-use of cork waste material into mats for the homeless.