So, a little about me... I am a Product Designer and Designer Maker, and my name is Inês.

Though most people call me Nesh, because to be fair, its quite tricky to pronounce my name by sight, but the results can be a lot fun, so feel free to give it a go… (In case you don’t fancy the awesome challenge, then its pronounced E-ne-jj)

 I am really fluid between Product Designer and Designer Maker. In fact, I am not entirely sure that they can even be separated?!

I have tried to fit into one, especially when choosing my discipline at University, but as many will tell you, I'm not one for the easy option, and I definitely don’t fit in ‘’the box’’ (It’s much more fun outside the box!).

I have a deep passion for both, as well as a love for materiality for all the senses, so I am driven enough to take the challenge on, so to excel at both.

That is a theme about me you should get to know now. I am driven and going wide, before converging into a fuller understanding of what’s ahead, is what I do.

My experiences are rich, broad and colourful, so they have taught me the ability to do it in a timely manner, because delivery of a project is the aim of the game, but it works because of that embrace of really looking wide. 

I find that, that really is the best way to discover what is unseen, so to create that seamless delivery, where you can connect immediately with the outcome.

 Really I just like to get stuck in though, whatever is in front of me, and I love to excel at what I do, and because nothing is worth doing unless it brings you joy, a great challenge and even greater connections to others, I really put everything on delivering on my commitment.

 Basically for me it’s not about just dotting the I’s and crossing the T’s for the sake of a delivery. I like to travel through the whole alphabet… but I always get to the deadline.

 So, why not give me a call, or drop me a message? I’d love to hear about you instead, or just have fun checking out my projects,

 Thank you for the interest,


Inês Munday