So, a little about me... I am a Product Designer and Designer Maker, and my name is Inês Munday (E-ne-jj)

I work with and in both disciplines because they offer different approaches that create magic results together. Diversity and sustainability in all their forms are very important to me and key in all I do. Whether that applies to people, planet, wellbeing, design and more. So with a love of commercial product design and old and new craft, coupled with a love of materiality and a mission to make things better and make better things, Product Designer Maker I am.

Actually, that is a theme about me you should get to know now. I am full of creative inquisitiveness and I love to go deep in exploration of both the real problems and aspirations of clients and their customers, which involves a wide range of interests and skills, developed through learning and experience over the last 20 years.

Those experiences are rich, broad, and colourful, so they have taught me the ability to do it in a timely manner through organisation and commitment because excellence in a prompt delivery is the aim of the game. 

I find that that balance between ongoing divergence to convergence is really the best way to discover what is often unseen, creating a deeper and more authentic understanding of problems, so I can create that seamless delivery, where you can connect immediately with the outcome, which is always the aim in my designs.

I just like to get stuck into whatever is in front of me, and I love to excel at what I do, and because nothing is worth doing unless it brings you joy, a great challenge, and even greater connections to others, I really put everything in what I do and in delivering for you.

Basically, for me, it’s not about just dotting the I’s and crossing the T’s for the sake of delivery. I like to travel through the whole alphabet… but I always get to the deadline.

 So, why not give me a call, or drop me a message? I’d love to hear about you instead, or I hope you at least have some fun checking out my projects,

Thank you for the interest,

 Inês Munday